Find a Cafe Person

I've started a page here.  Even though many Cafe denizens left messages about how to reach them, I honestly (maybe stupidly) didn't collect them all.  And with the demise of the Cafe Reader Blogs upon us - apparently forever - I thought we could provide a place to make a list.   (User Lists already exist at my TPM digest blog.  AA also has a good list at her blog.)  I've also asked Al to set up a left-side blog for people to leave that info yet again.

I suggest we do this in alphabetical order.  And since we all have editing privileges here, it's simply a matter of pooling information (I mean info that was made public, not from private communications) about personal blogs, where to find people, that kind of thing.

To use this Page, just click on the Pencil Icon WAY below - next to where you could email this page.  That will open an edit box so you can add info.   (I've placed a couple examples ... add your info!)

Also check chatroom.  (someone there may know private info)

Find a Cafe Person (alphabetized by TPM first name):

Art Appraiser:  Artappraiser's TPM Blog Archive

Libertine:  Musings From the Mad Mind of a Madman

LisB:  Once Upon a TPM

moat:  remoat location  

Obey:  Obey’s rabid reading frenzy and Obey at Dagblog

oleeb:  oleeb at dagblog

readytoblowagasket:  READYTOBLOWAGASKET

San Fernando Curt:  American Carrion

stillidealistic:  dagblog and Once Upon a TPM

synchronicity:  dagblog

Watt Childress:  Seminal (Watt's Blog) at FDL

wendy davis:  wendyedavis's posterous

Zipperuppus:  Rumproast and dagblog  (but working on a novel really)

Folks At Dagblog:




Jamie Friedland

Joe Wood

Olden Golden Decoy





wwstabler (under wws)