Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wins and Losses

There will be more from this corner this weekend, but it would be worth hearing from those who share my general views about these things:

1. A “movement” built on the votes of young people will never succeed, since young people tend to vote for personalities before governmental operations and outlook and will not stick to it.

2. The President was right to get what he could when he could get it. There would be no chance for health care reform if it was not done in 2009/2010.

3. Those who want a purer Democratic Party without blue dogs have gotten much of what they wanted. The price for it are committee chairs such as Joe Barton and Darrell Issa. Maybe next time we could be a bit more tolerant of dissenting views.

4. On the other hand, Democrats who tried to pretend they were Republicans were beaten by real Republicans. So many parts of President Kennedy’s famous inaugural often float through our heads, but today this line has new resonance: “remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside”

5. We are not a majority of voters in this country. We may be a majority of those who could vote, but that has no bearing on elections. Haters always vote against what they hate. Democrats often insist on complete agreement with a candidate before they can bring themselves to go to a polling place.

6. The President is a black man, at least for all intents and purposes. That he is the best president since, at the latest January 19, 1969 should transcend the racism inherent in this country is so, but it has not. See haters comment, above.

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Pretty good conclusions.

Blue dogs bit the dust maybe but the new Senator from West Virginia sounded pretty blue dog to me. At least we have a new dem senator who is compos mentis. ha

The reason that the health legislation was such a hall mark bench mark...because it has never been done before on such a grand scale although LBJ sure changed medical care in this country forever. That however, was 45 years ago.

The youth are fickle. But who knows how things will be in 24 months. We need a good propaganda machine to rope them back in.

I wish to see some infighting among repubs frankly.

the end for now