Friday, February 4, 2011


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I discovered this 5 year old radio tape of Glenn Beck’s show by accident:

I come to you this fine February morning to discuss the media-made fiasco called Black History Month.
Our country got along just fine for two hundred years without any Affirmative Action History.

Now I am sure that you all had plenty of American History discussing that great American Uncle Tom as well as that guy who gave us peanut butter.

But now we are to believe that Black men and Black women have been short changed as far as our history texts.

Garbage; this is all nothing but garbage.

Nonetheless, my staff and I have looked into this matter of history—you know of course that I run my own university and you can become part of it for only $10.95 a month. Oh and you can get a discount on even from this small amount if you act now and purchase ten gold coins.

Getting back to our most recent research into this area I found some troubling data I would like to share with you all today.

Going back to the forties and fifties in this country you would find thousands upon thousands of African Americans—we called them Negroes back then—with names taken from our Founding Fathers. There were Adams and Washingtons and Jeffersons and even a Lewis or Clark—do you remember The Jeffersons? One of my favorite shows as a kid, really.

Anyway, somewhere along the line beginning in the 1960’s a conspiracy was developing.

A Jihadist conspiracy that nobody was really aware of came to the fore.

All of a sudden, little Tommy Jefferson changed his name to Allah or Mohammed or Ali or El-Weigh.
I recall this great fighter by the name of Cassius Clay receiving that name from a Transylvanian scholar.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that the original Cassius Clay was Dracularian or anything, but he certainly was what we might call a ‘Freethinker’.

Anyhow that was all fine and good but after the Jihadist Communist got ahold of this great fighter, we lost Cassius Clay and ended up with Mohammed Ali.

There I said it.

Here was a man who proved that it did not matter what the color of your skin was, you could still be world champion.

And after receiving all this acclaim and all that money, this ingrate refused to enlist in the military and protect us from the Communists overseas.

And do you know why that is?

We are told by Dick Cheney that he refused to enlist because he had another agenda ahead of him which was to save us from communism in other ways. Besides we all knew he had this cardiac condition since his first heart attack on his high school football field.

Well Cassius Clay was hijacked by those commie Jihadists and taken to Babylon for some period of time.
Now few people know this. And do you know why this prize fighter was taken to Babylon?

So here it is. The Tower of Babel as most people know it is these people got together and the king said let’s build a tower and it will reach the sky and it will reach heaven and then God got pissed off and came down and destroyed them, confused their language and they all scattered. That’s really not the way the story goes, and it’s important that you understand the story. It has affected us do you know that Bugs Bunny actually used to call Elmer Fudd Nimrod? And do you know why? He used to call Bugs Bunny was the one that really made Nimrod really popular because Bugs Bunny was the one that called Elmer Fudd Nimrod, Nimrod, Elmer Fudd was the hunter. He wasn’t a king at first. He’s first described in the in Genesis as a hunter, but not a hunter of animals. A hunter of men. A hunter of people. And the people, after Noah, they all, they get off the boat and they do what two and two do and they make four and six and et cetera, et cetera. And so then they repopulated the Earth. And they’re all focused on God. And that’s when the first time an oppressive government, the idea of a totalitarian leader comes to the forefront, and it’s done by a hunter of men, Nimrod. And what he says is he gets together and he says to everybody, "Hey, let’s build bricks." Why would you say let’s build bricks? Does that sound like anything anybody would want to do? Let’s build bricks? Oh, and then we’re going to build a big tower and it will reach heaven.
That’s right. These Nimrodders got ahold of one of our greatest athletes and turned him into a raving lunatic; a raving communist; a raving Jihadist.  A shame, a damn shame and something that should be remembered for all time. And look at Cassius Clay today. Do you know why he looks like that?

Implants. They chloroformed Cassius and too him to Babylon and implanted Manchurian doodads into his brain.

Those implants were what made Cassius a communistic Jihadist and when that machinery wore out, it left the poor man a mere shadow of himself.

A similar thing happened to Malcolm Little. Here was a kid born in Omaha with a bright and happy future and ended up a ruthless felon, sentenced to prison for sins committed against his fellow man and his personal God.
Well, the communist Jihadists got ahold of him while he was in prison and turned him into that hateful Malcom X. Actually it was worse than that. I mean at first they turned him into El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

Now I think he took his first jihadist name to fool people into thinking he was not that Malcolm Little guy anymore. I mean it would make it easier for him to get a job. 

A lot of violent felons change their names you know.

Frankly, Malcolm Little spit on Jesus and took a new road straight to hell thinking he might end up in heaven with all those virgins.

A shame. Just a damnable shame.

And of course, as soon as Malcolm figured all this out, the Jihadists shot him dead.

Ferdinand Lewis "Lew" Alcindor, Jr. is another sad case of a good man, a great athlete who turned to the devil at the behest of communist jihadists.

Here was a kid who was born with everything. I mean he had all this talent, he was so very tall and muscular, he folks were hard working middle class people, he had a good Catholic School education—you know without that pope fellow, a Catholic School education aint half bad.

And what happened to this kid who had everything?

Well the commie Jihadists got ahold of him and turned him into a devil worshipper.

Now I found this statement on the net that gives one pause:

Abdul-Jabbar was well known for his trademark "sky hook", a hook shot in which he bent his entire body (rather than just the arm) like a straw in one fluid motion to raise the ball and then release it at the highest point of his arm's arching motion.

This strange development in Alcindor’s basketball play was code ladies and gentlemen.

Bending his body into a straw was a way of telling Sunni’s to kill Christians all over the world.

Since he began bending like this with mass media televising this code all over the world, over 5 million Christians have been killed by Jihadists.

And it’s a damn shame I tell you.

Well that is enough Black History for today. 

Stick with the original Cassius Clay and that guy who knew how to make good peanut butter.

The rest of it is all communist jihadist code.


Alan said...

The only thing I can see is that your parody of Beckerhead is more lucid than the original by a factor of at least five.

Great work!


Well thank you Alan for the kind words!

Alan said...

So where can I get a few of those Manchurian doodads? Sounds like fun.