Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Touch That Dial ! More to come.

We now have our next media diversion. The so called Humanitarian Effort to protect the citizens of Libya from the dictator that has ruled the place for 42 years.  Another diversion for the viewing public. With all the appropriate eye candy.  Well at least Palin, Beck and Limbaugh are not top of the news. But lets take a look at those things that seem to have been bumped from peoples front page.

• The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - They are still having problems with getting the nuclear reactors under control.  And the number of dead and missing tops 22,000.

• The Egyptians have approved a new constitution.  And it looks like the Muslim Brotherhood has made significant gains there as well.

• A judged has halted the implementation of Wisconsin's anti-union law, for now.

• Senator Gabrielle Giffords is still recovering from her head wound.

• The Housing market is still heading down the drain with Housing starts seeing their biggest decline in 27 years. And sales of existing houses still in decline as well.

• A new or old oil spill in the gulf.

• And we still have Afghanistan and Iraq and peat burning in Russia.

I cannot simply put all the blame on the media for for our short attention span. They respond to the viewers and when the viewers get bored they stop playing the program and switch to another program. So the media puts on what ever is new. But it seems to me that our collective consciousnesses has become more that a little superficial. Just look at Hollywood.  Each new disaster epic has to out do the last or nobody watches. And we wonder why it's kooks that wind up running for public office and get elected.   It appears as though you have to be totally outrageous to attract any attention so the outrageous run for office.

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Alan said...

Pretty damned sad commentary on our fellow citizens, isn't it?

And you're absolutely right, and in good company. Remember the words of the late, great Walt Kelly, first uttered (according to Jack Laurence, in his memoir The Cat From Hue) while draped, semiconscious, across a Saigon bar: "We have met the enemy, and they is us."