Monday, October 4, 2010

Capitalism RULZ!

Some months ago, I posted an alternative, more patriotic, capitalist State of the Union address – one that lovers of liberty and warriors against Statism would like. In it, I envisioned the President embracing true capitalism and offering solutions to wipe out the scurge of Socialism.  For those who may have missed that rambling screed, here it is.

But I am heartened to note that I am not the only one to have realized how widespread the infection of socialism was in this nation.  Specifically, I would like to commend Obion County, Tennessee, the city of South Fulton, and its mayor – the honorable David Crocker.  Thank you to ThinkProgress for alerting me to this story.

If I may recount to you a portion of my earlier entry, I noted the following;

“We don’t need a tax to support firefighting efforts. Private firefighting companies can and will allow patriotic Americans to only pay when they themselves have an applicable emergency. Most Americans go their entire lives with no occasion to call on a fire department. Why the hell should they be forced to pay for firefighters to put out a fire started by some loser smoking in bed?”

See, Mr. Crocker and the all Republican county commission that he sits on also decided long ago that Fire fighting services provided by local government and paid for by taxes are antithetical to the capitalist ideals of this great nation.  South Fulton instituted a very ingenious program to do away with entitlements like public fire fighting departments supported by burdensome taxation – they came up with the novel concept of fee-based subscription fire fighting services.  And recently we saw patriotism and the American way in its full red, white and blue glory.

It seems that a miserly gentleman decided that he didn’t need to pay the $75 annual subscription price for the services of Obion county Fire Department.  As a result, his home burned to the ground while firefighter stood by, unfortunately unable to help without setting a precedent that could have led to more citizens getting tempted by the evil lure of Socialism.

Here is a local TV channels report on the matter.

Once again, on behalf of all soldiers in the army against tyranny, I’d like to thank Mayor Crocker, the County Commission and all of the brave firefighters for letting capitalist Darwinism run its course.  Perhaps this will give all those socialist-curious Obamaites pause to reflect on the error of their ways.

God Bless America.

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Alan said...

Here is a quote from Lewis Thomas, in a chapter of one of his essay compilations, The Youngest Science:

"I'd never seen anything like it. Almost every red cell contained blue-staining bodies, looking exactly like the textbook pictures of malaria.


The patient became drowsier, then, early in the morning, deeply comatose, and died within the next hour.


Had he received less clinical interest and animated attention, and been given quinine immediately the diagnosis was made, early that morning, he would perhaps have lived.


The house physician went to his room and brought back a copy of Osler's Textbook of Medicine, opened to the chapter on malaria. The first sentence, which he read aloud to the assembled house staff, said, in effect: Any doctor who allows a case of malaria to die without quinine is guilty of malpractice."

To allow someone's house to burn because of an unpaid $75 "fire department fee" is in the same league.

The true evil at the heart of libertarianism has now been revealed.