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A Manhattan judge ruled Thursday that a lawsuit against a 4-year-old girl for negligence can continue. Juliet Breitman, 4, is being sued by the estate of an elderly woman, Claire Menagh, whom she hit while riding her bicycle. The woman suffered a hip fracture and died three weeks later; her estate is suing Breitman, a 4-year-old playmate named Jacob Kohn, and the children’s parents, who were supervising them. The judge stated that a “parent’s presence alone does not give a reasonable child carte blanche to engage in risky behavior.” No verdict was made on Breitman’s liability in the case.

And the AP wire reported this update since this initial story broke:

A Manhattan Grand Jury has issued an indictment against Juliet Breitman for Manslaughter in the first degree. Manhattan D. A. Vance had sought the indictment after his own brief investigation of the death Claire Menagh.
It appears that there had been some disagreement between Ms. Brietman and Jacob Kohn. Jacob Kohn had evidently called Ms. Brietman:
Poopy Pants! You are nothing but a poopy pants, repeated Mr. Kohn.
Ms. Breitman was heard to respond:
You are the real poopy pants Jacob. And what I am about to do is all your fault.
 Mr. Vance made the following statement:
The angry exchange between Ms. Brietman and Mr. Kohn demonstrates to me—as well as the Grand Jury—compos mentis, malice aforethought and a reckless or at least careless disregard for the safety of others in the children’s immediate area.  
The scatological nature of the oral exchange between the two actors in this tragedy indicates an intent on the part of Ms. Breitman to do harm to people or property.
It seemed clear that Ms. Brietman’s parents had spent hours and hours attempting to teach their daughter proper comportment in a modern day society and that the child just refused to listen. On one occasion which was related to me by Homer Brietman, a distant cousin of the perpetrator of this dastardly crime, Juliet was instructed to eat all her broccoli prior to receiving her pudding and that in a moment of extreme rage, she threw her vegetables on the floor and ran into her room screaming:
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In a related story:

The principal of a Cincinnati Catholic school has apologized to parents after Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) discussed abortion during a speech to kids as young as 6.
Schmidt, a conservative, brought up the controversial matter while talking about the connection between moral issues and legislation during a question-and-answer period, the Daily News reported.
The following exchange between some of the students and Ms. Schmidt was recorded during the discussion:

Repersentative Smitt, is it twoo dat when a mommy and a daddy wov each other berry berry much dat dey makes a baby? Inquired a member of the audience.
Nonsense little one. Sex is how babies are made and sex usually begins with some man—usually a liberal—have his way with some poor naïve girl out of pure prurient greed for self pleasure while the girl reacts in a numbing fashion; afraid to strike back out of pure timidity; responded Representative Schmidt.

Following the lecture and the exchange all of the children received  jello shots with  a miniature flag pole centered in the plastic bowl and graced with a GOP banner.