Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Antidote for too much politics.

Yesterday was the Rhode Island primary. I lost a few and won a few. Biggest win was the defeat of a local incumbent Democrat who charged his primary opponent of being the tool of "special interests" because that opponent was endorsed by organized labor. Hey... that's US, Rep. Gablinske. Low turnout, of course, about 100 votes decided the race. 

David Segal, who had the endorsement of most progressive organizations (and my vote) lost to David Cicillini, Mayor of Providence.  David II is now likely to become the fourth openly gay Member of Congress.  It's hard to run against the incumbent Mayor of the most populous city in the state--doubly hard if one that mayor is Italian.  Hey, David I--that leaves the Mayor's seat open.

None of this has anything to do with the vid at the top.  Except this...when I see a large group of people acting silly and having a wonderful time doing it, that's the kind of populism that really makes me smile.  I'm smiling.  Have a good day.


MSNY said...

Hey, you never know what can happen. Is Chris Young still running or has he been committed yet?


You have a good day also!!

Amike said...

Taveras won 49 percent of the vote Tuesday, defeating longtime City Councilman John J. Lombardi (29 percent), state Rep. Steven M. Costantino (20 percent), and Christopher F. Young (less than 2 percent). The pace of the campaign has left him little time to reflect.
What fun. When I first came to Rhody, I watched the mayoral torch pass from the Irish to the Italians, something which has happened in more than one American city. And now the Latinos move front and center. I don't live in Providence, but I'm commending those who do for their good sense. As far as i know, Young is still out on the street.