Saturday, September 18, 2010

Could There Be Some Fall Out From O’Donnall’s Nomination?

This week I was with my quilting friends at our quilt bee. We get together every two weeks to chat and work on quilting together. The usual gossip turned to politics which in itself is unusual. The last round of primaries wins had caught their attention. Most of these ladies are life long loyal republicans but this election cycle’s round of candidates had them bewildered and wondering if they should remain a republican. There was questions thrown out on the economy, jobs, international corporations, education and other issues. Not once was abortion, race, gays, 51 Park Ave, birth certificate of the President, and stem cells was mentioned. Watching clips of O’Donnell talk about masturbation had them upset. It just might have been one too many psychotic far right political candidate being paraded around on main street media for them.

I found this article through a link from reading The Nation Blog that I emailed to my quilting friends. It has some wonderful charts that show the economy over the past few decades. Maddow on her show Friday night used one of the charts from this piece on the elderly income. I would like to share this read from Economic Policy Institute with you.

As far as my friends votes go, I really don’t know how they will finally vote but it is beginning to sink in the far right crazies are taking over the republican party.



Momoe I sure hope there are repercussions from the antics of this O'Donnell nut as well as the antics of other neo right wing nutcases like Angle and Palin.

But as an aside, and I do not wish to sound too quaint, but the picture of you and your friends putting away personal political views and working on a single project is just ...musical somehow.

Anonymous said...

Actually we bring our own projects and machines. We meet in a middle school library after school. Some of them are teachers so we bring supper and sew until 8:30 pm. Quilting isn't done by hand anymore. We also donate quilts to charities.