Thursday, September 16, 2010

CyAnts' artwork

For those who knew him in chat, CyAnts did some great fractal artwork in his later days.

I've collected the stuff he sent me, and that others have sent, and I think everything is now up at this page:

Cy's Fractals

If there's any more of his work out there, the site is to gather it all for those who want to see it.


TheraP said...

We could have a page above that says Cy's Fractals. And gives your website.

TheraP said...

I've put it as a tab (under the blog name).

Alan said...

Thanks, Thera.

I think everything I have of his is now up.

~flowerchild~ said...

This is a wonderful remembrance of cyant's artwork, Alan... a kind way to honor a friend. I ashamedly confess that I have one of his fractals that I have sort of been hoarding. During a chat night when I admired a fractal he put up for us to see, he increased the size of it so that it would perfectly fit a monitor screen. Then he sent it to me. I put it up as desktop wallpaper on my PC that night and there it has remained.

It feels like time to let it go out into the world now. I have been selfish long enough.

I will send it to you to add to his collection.

Alan said...
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Alan said...

Send it and I'll put it up.

And it's not like you won't have it any longer. You're sharing it in an infinitely reproducible form.

(When I thought of that I couldn't just edit my comment to add it, and rather than double-post, I erased the other one.)

Amike said...

Thanks so much for this, Alan. As far as I'm concerned, he was the best of us (not that there was a hair's breadth between the best and the rest). :-)

kgb999 said...

Nice gallery thanks for posting it. It seems kind of odd, but yesterday one big reason I was bummed over the end of TPM cafe is it was a place where it felt like friends no longer with us still lived on ... their comments, their posts, their thoughts all there and part of a conversation spanning years.

This electronic thing seems a double-edged sword. On the one hand, without it connections would never be made in the first place. But on the other, unlike in eras past where humanity left physical remnants - letters and real diaries and physical works of art - all it takes is a quick business decision and huge chunks of a person's entire story can be erased as if it never happened.

I'm still toying with the idea of asking Ghengis to import PCA's stuff and Lux's as well when the stream of refugees subsides. On the one hand I feel silly for it. On the other, I feel a serious sense of loss thinking those works are on the verge of being purged. At any rate, I downloaded their .wxr files.

TheraP said...

kgb, I save 4 of Lux's posts here (see tab). And in another tab, one of DD's along with comments by Lux: