Sunday, September 26, 2010


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                                             TURKEY TROT

I am really pissed off so forgive me.

Okay, it is time to fess up.

No, not the thing about me being a 14 year old girl.

Something far more important.

I never liked Forest Gump.

I mean, it is the all American movie and all. It must be the all American movies cause they play the goddamn thing once a week all year and twice during the xmas season.

But then again I despise It’s a Wonderful Life. (I have written two blogs on this shite film but I have no access to them)

I mean no one is mentally retarded and an expert in military tactics let alone so good at  bad mitten and marathon running.

And when he feigns to not understand his own mama’s death, I am truly lost.

This savant crap only goes so far.

Besides Gary Sinise grew back both his legs and now funds militias.

When that fucking director takes us to the Washington Monument and all of a sudden you cannot make out what anyone is saying; he is demonstrating that he is nothing but a coward or a repub. As a matter of fact he is both.

WHORE. The bastard is nothing but a male whore.

But I am an old man with old man tits; and what do I know?

And this thing I grew up with about Princess Grace. Fuck Princess Grace. At least Princess Diana had a proper accent that was not feigned.

This phony damn accent Grace Kelly picked up had nothing to do with reality or anything truly American.

Her fricking clothes sucked and her walk produced several generations of egotistical misses who cared nothing about humanity; only their damnable style.

Her life sucked, I mean she died a drug/alcohol abuser and hated her life.

I never hated her life. I just hated her films. They were offal.

Oh but High Noon they say. Well first off, she added nothing to the picture.

And the movie? Watch how they reshoot the gun fight scene in The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. Now Sergio knew how to shoot a shoot out.

Second, Cooper never acted a day in his life.

Third, the script was offal, the casting was offal and the directing was offal.

Now to balance things off…

Arsenic and Old Lace is a good film. I mean a really fine film. These two old single sisters with a mentally ill brother kill these innocent neerdowells by poisoning them whilst the innocents thought they are receiving sustenance. 

Boris Karloff (in the guise of Raymond Massey) shows off as another DNA offshoot of these low humans.

And Carey Grant covers up a multitude of felony murders and makes faces the entire time he does it.

My kind of film!!!

John Wayne? Fuck that nazi fascist corporate oligarchist prick

Oh well put him in context, they say. ha

Yeah, put him in context with Strom Thurmond and the other anti civil rights racist bastards.

And john wayne never acted a day in his entire life. Hell he made Cooper look like an actor. At least Cooper could mimic the gyrations of a turkey!!!

Independence Day? After the complete and utter fraud of w landing on the aircraft carrier, I cannot watch that film any more; ever; destroyed that fantasy completely.

Bedtime for Bonzo? Come on!!! 1981-1989 for sure!!!

When I was a kid, BIRTH OF A NATION was the American film followed by GONE WITH THE WIND; the biggest fucking fart storm in the history of cinema. But at least they awarded the first Oscar to a Black Woman. A Black anybody.

Face it, Gone With the Wind was another appeasement to the goddamnable racist kkk southern confederacy.

Birth of a Nation? Wilson had it privately shown at the goddamn white house. Does anyone realize that it was Wilson who resegregated DC? Wilson was a pig. The movie was a racist piece of filth.

Frankly I don’t give damn. Fuck that!

I think what has happened here is that I never bought America’s propaganda campaign. It missed me. Why? Serendipity is my guess.

Some people are born into wonderful families and end up like me.

Some grow up on the streets.

There is no predictability in all of this.  Maybe it ends up being a neurological issue.

I would venture to guess that teabaggers love john wayne and princess grace and gary cooper and all these disappointing symbols of an America that never existed in the first place.

I think there is a mixture of DNA and some chemical in the brain.

And so it does not matter that these teabaggers, for the most part, are ready to vote against their own economic interests.

There is something genetic and biological and chemical in all of this.

There is no rhyme or reason in it.

None at all.


Alan said...

We were still shown "Birth of a Nation" in film history class, with little or no mention of anything relative to its content. Amazingly, it was all about Griffith as one of the originators of camera movement.

And the only thing I can find to like about GWTW is the railroad station crane shot, for a little-known piece of production history: Shot in the days before zoom optics, as the dolly rolled backward and the jib arm moved up, crowds of extras in "wounded" getup raced into position and lay down on pre-positioned marks on the ground.

All in the service of selling the fine art of bleeding out for your country to another generation.

Better they would play this:

...or this: there's a bit of the truth in them.

cmaukonen said...

Well you might want to keep with Sam Peckinpah films like Major Dundee or The Ballad of Cable Hogue or Straw Dogs.

Just saying.

trkingmomoe said...

I think you should of added 2 other films to the teabagger repertoire. Ayn Rand's Fountainhead and Orsons Welles' Citizen Cain.

cmaukonen said...

Actually momoe, Citizen Kane was a blatant jab at the very heart of the teabagger ideology by Wells.
Charles Foster Kane was William Randolph Hearst.

Make no mistake about it.

Alan said...

Indeed it was, CM.

And one of the very best films ever made, in both narrative and cinematic terms. (Can you even imagine it without Gregg Toland's incredible photography?)

cmaukonen said...

No I cannot Alan. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Kane is a great film Momoe; Welles is attacking Hearst; the corporate press and the propaganda network.

Fountainhead stinks just as you say.

The only reason I wrote this drivel was that Forest Gump is being played day and night again.

I just think sometimes that I am the unbalanced...I grew up with these films that I despise. hahaha

forgot to sign in again--dick

LarryH said...

"..all these disappointing symbols of an America that never existed in the first place."

That's really it isn't it? Is there really any difference between a Busby Berkeley musical and a cable reality show except the technology. I grew up on "Victory At Sea" and then I read Dos Passos. Maybe we should just rename the Mississippi river the Nile so we could say "Denile is a river in the U.S."