Monday, September 13, 2010


File:Rush Limbaugh at CPAC (2009).jpg                                                       FATHEAD

After attacking Obama by repeatedly calling him "impotent" and a "man-child" and claiming that he looked "totally out of his league," Rush then offered his own round of questions for the president. The questions Obama would have asked the president included whether the president would "assist with the ribbon-cutting" at the proposed Islamic cultural center in New York and whether he would be upset if "your friend the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" had been pictured "standing on a Bible or a Quran" instead of the American flag. Rush also criticized Obama for his "over-the-top goodbye" to economic adviser Christine Romer, suggesting that "he might be trying to buy her silence."
Limbaugh took a break from his criticism of Obama's press conference to explain, in great detail, the fact that he didn't know Terry Jones, the pastor who planned to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, though both attended the same high school. Rush explained that while he remembered Jones from Babe Ruth League baseball, he never spoke to him in school. Limbaugh then declared that the media are hyping the connection between him and Jones "because they want the Muslims to call a fatwa on" his head.
You know how there was always a fathead on the playground when you were a kid.

I’m better than you are.
Look at that faggot with the hat!!!
Hey booger face, I’m over here!!!
Hey look at zitface over there!!!
Oh look, fatso just fell down!!! Hahahahaha

And the racist remarks…well I excise all of those.

Oh, he would be punished by some teacher when he was caught performing this type of behavior in the halls and such. He would be sent to the principal’s office or put in the cloak room or simply shunned.

He made everybody else just feel terrible about themselves. He was unrelenting and yet all he ever was, was a loud mouthed bastard.

They say that sticks and stones break one’s bones, but words will never hurt you.

Well that aint true. Words hurt bigtime.

His daddy was a drunk and his mommy co-dependent.

His daddy railed on him every night and this made fathead more and more numb to verbal assaults.

The only time fathead ever felt good was putting other people down like his father had put him down his entire childhood.

Because other people had not learned the secret of numbness; Fathead learned he could hurt people with words.

His siblings compensated by studying hard and reaching the finest universities and ultimately becoming professionals.

But fathead, could not keep his mouth shut. It truly was a wonder that he ever made it out of high school without somebody murdering him.

So somebody gave him a microphone and he ragged upon certain segments of society between rock songs and pretty soon he was on his way.

Our President is impotent but never got caught at the airport with non-prescribed Viagra.

One could pick up fathead’s lines randomly and immediately discern the hypocrisy of this man.
There is a down side to this millionaire’s existence of course.

He may have become numb to criticism and certainly with the help of drugs he manages to get through the day all right.

But can you imagine the death threats this man receives on a daily basis? For at least two full decades, thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life have threatened the life of fathead and people like him.

And we must remember that people like fathead bring out the evil of others onto themselves.

Our President has no doubt received the same number of death threats over the last three or four years. We only hear of a few of them. MSM and other powers that be think its better not to ‘leak’ the information concerning the threats because they have come to the conclusion that the more information leaked, the more other people will be moved to act upon their impulses.

But fathead spends a great deal of his 15 hours of radio time really calling for the assassination of our President. He may be using some simple code that is only vaguely veiled within the rules of the FCC (does the FCC have any power to enforce anything).

When you constantly tell 20 million people that our President stands upon and otherwise maltreats sacred Bibles, aids and abets enemies of this nation, purposely keeps our economy on the skids, desires to abolish our armed forces or at least make them impotent against all enemy attempts to destroy us, and despises all Christians; it would seem that some people might take umbrage to all these ‘facts’.

Many people would wish to see fathead destroyed for all eternity. You mean to tell me that there has not been a fatwa upon fathead for at least two decades? And he damn well knows it.

Many people would wish to see Our President destroyed for all eternity.

Repubs will never do anything about this situation. They receive too many votes as a direct result of fathead’s rantings. And while fathead’s single purpose is to make as much money as fast as possible; the repubs are suborning this evil for their own evil purposes.

Some dems have come to the realization that uncovering some of the rantings by way of informing more moderate souls of the filth that is spewed out daily over the airwaves by all of the evil fatheads. These dems have come to the conclusion that this tactic might be politically beneficial.

I have seen Jon Stewart and others attempt to compare fathead to Ed Shultz on MSNBC.  I found that so unfair that I skipped Stewart’s show for a couple of weeks.

It is like comparing a kid who scares the neighborhood by shooting off some firecrackers with a suicide bomber who takes out fifteen adults and seven children.

There are so many fatheads out there. And they foment such rage among emotional cripples that they are responsible for murders, for damage to property that result from such behavior.

And I believe that the republican party is solely responsible for that fact and for all the evil that come out of the mouths of the fatheads.

Oh you cannot blame us for fringe elements within our party.

Yes I can.

Many here and at other sites are wondering where the animosity toward the Muslims arose.

The answer is that the animosity comes right out of our radio dials and your TV remotes.


TheraP said...

How can this man live in a head, so full of hatred? There is more danger, I think, from elements WITHIN our society - fomenting mayhem - than we have to fear from people outside us. Though spewing daily hatred certain contributes to both.

Anonymous said...

I would probably be skewered by the right for saying this but I really, really see no difference in what people like rush and beck and hannity do all day; and what the miserable hate spreaders do everyday for al Qaida.

I really do not see the difference.

Osama does not bundle up the suicide packs for the 14 year old boys.

He just leads the way!!

Just like our own fatheads.


cmaukonen said...

Arthur....there is no difference between Rush, Beck, Hannity, right wing preachers or anyone else that spews such garbage.


I do not think so either C.

Backmann and palin and lott and mcconnell and whatever...