Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll for Presidential Approval was just released and lo-and-behold Obama’s rating is higher than his disapproval.

Wait.  What?

Yes, there is a Rasmussen poll out today that shows that President Obama’s approval rating is at 50% and his disapproval at 49%.  -  That means that even among the Rasmussen crowd, people aren’t as down on the guy as we think.

But, I thought his approval numbers were in ‘free-fall.’  John McCain said his approvals were ‘cratering.’ 

What gives?

90 Days ago, I posted an entry commenting on the popular Neo-Con meme that Obama’s Presidential Approval numbers were falling off of a cliff.  Since the TPMCafe has been shuttered the resultant debate in the comments section is lost, but the general idea from the detractors was that despite the statistical data to the contrary, Obama’s numbers had indeed ‘cratered.’ 

Well, if Barry O had fallen off a cliff it appears that he’s climbed back up.  And unless dutiful Bush sycophant Scott Rasmussen has joined the Lamestream Media, these numbers should mean something, especially coming from an organization so closely connected with GOP interests.

Let’s just take a quick look at the facts.

Obama’s approval ratings have risen 9 POINTS in less than 3 WEEKS.  The number of Rasmussen respondents who ‘strongly disapprove’ of the President’s performance has FALLEN 6 POINTS during the same period.  The President’s approval ratings are now HIGHER than they have been in 5 ½ months and match his highest ratings since October 6, 2009.  This, in most cases, would qualify to called a ratings surge, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Uncle Rupert or his nephew Matt Drudge to mention these facts.

Obama’s approval ratings are also HIGHER than when the GOP/Tea Bag 2009 Summer of Town Hall Hate began – a significant statistic considering the amount of hatred aimed toward him and his policies.

At the risk of repeating what I wrote in my previous entry on the subject, these positive approval numbers are reflective of a period during which Republicans claim Obama has ‘rahmed’ through unconstitutional socialized healthcare and financial legislation, botched the BP oil spill cleanup, expressed his support for the building of an Al-Queda terrorist base at Ground Zero, and personally escorted anchor baby carrying illegal immigrants over the border.  Not to mention the fact that he nominated, not one, but two (gasp!) women to the Supreme Court – one, a minority and another, a lesbian and fired a decorated war hero whose only crime was drunken insubordination against his commander-in-chief.

What the hell is wrong with all of these Rasmussen respondents??




You are aware of my thoughts concerning these polls. I mean if Rassmussen says Obama is at 50% or so, well it must be closer to 55% or 60%

This is amazing. I have not checked any polls for weeks--since I left Cafe.

Amike said...

Parallel this to Franklin D. Roosevelt's approval ratings in his first term... the parallels are interesting, granted the polling "science" is better now. It ain't over until its over as Mr. Yogi once said, and it's far from over yet. Generic Democrat is up over Generic Republican as well.

trkingmomoe said...

They missed a 20+ point spread in the Meek and Green primary race in Florida. I do the same thing as Mr Day I add 5 to 10 points on the dems which makes it a toss up in the Senate race in Florida.

cmaukonen said...

yes...next question

MSNY said...

Mike, Gallup has an interesting tool to compare Presidents over the same time in office. It's worth noting that Obama's ratings ate still higher than Saint Ronaldus Magnus.